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07:21:22 PM Mar 29th 2014
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I remember at one point, someone listed Xavier under Complete Monster. Is there anyone who agrees with that? He didn't do anything in the movie out of evil, malice, or even spite (well, okay, except for throwing Amanda in the needle pit). Everything he did was so he could get the combination to the safe. He only resorted to violence when people didn't cooperate, and I think it's pretty justified for him to take a "Kill so-and-so to save your own life" approach. He needed the numbers on the back of everyone's neck, or else he was going to die. What the hell else should/could he have done?
01:39:14 AM Mar 30th 2014
Yeah, he was voted down by the forum thread on Complete Monster as well.
10:58:10 PM Jan 5th 2014
If there's a problem with me not thinking that Simone is anything other than absolutely right, here I am. Let's discuss it. Simone is nothing but a spoiled little bitch. You can live without one arm, and she would have been absolutely fine in the real world. Many people everyday live with just one arm, and sometimes none.

I'm the one that wrote the original blurb about that scene being YMMV, and whoever removed it OBVIOUSLY has never been in an abusive relationship. You know why I'm being combative about this? I have. I know first hand what I'm talking about. Simone was NOT awesome, and she only made me wish she had died in that trap after rooting for her to live.

I left it there and added that about it being YMMV because I wanted to respect the opinion of the OP, because they have the right to think it's an awesome moment. However, my opinion is ALSO valid, and I would like it respected for once in my life. Yet here I am, having to fight to have my opinion respected AGAIN, despite mine actually being based in reality, having been through it myself.

It is a YMMV entry because it cannot be proven that the entry is indeed awesome, not 100%. However, I welcome you to try being in an abusive relationship and getting out of it as quickly as you think I should have been able to. Considering mine was parental in nature, I will never be truly free until that parent is dead, even if I cut all contact and manage to get lost, because I will ALWAYS be haunted by the notion that they could find me and start up again.

There is no amount of "do this" and "do that". Until you have been in one, you have NO idea what it's actually like. TRUST ME. There are many other people like me in different types of abusive relationships that will give you the exact same wall of text I just did.

Long story short, PLEASE respect my opinion that that scene is not awesome considering I am doing my damn level best to respect the opinion of the person that originally wrote the entry despite how realistically wrong they actually are.

If you still cannot fathom why I am angry about this, then you aren't reading closely enough.
07:51:06 AM Jan 6th 2014
Okay, there are a few problems though. Stating that something is YMMV on a YMMV page is redundant and heavily frowned upon. Second, it's a Justifying Edit. The rule is Repair, Don't Respond. And third, Saw already has an awesome page, and therefore any awesome examples should be posted there, not the YMMV page.
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