YMMV My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 3 E 7 Wonderbolts Academy Discussion

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07:00:53 PM May 23rd 2015
  • Moral Event Horizon: Lightning Dust crosses it when she shows no remorse for the tornado she and Rainbow Dash created which sucks up the rest of the Mane Six. She even going as far as offering a hoofbump while Rainbow Dash chews on her nearly killing her friends.

Given what others (Discord) have been able to redeem themselves afterward, I think this warrants further discussion before adding. I'd be inclined to keep it until she shows more positive moments.

Any thoughts?
10:35:19 AM Dec 19th 2012
Not only was the Scapegoat Creator line rude and unnecessary, it isn't even a case of Scapegoat Creator, since the entry-maker obviously blames the writer, when Scapegoat Creator would happen if she wasn't responsible for the entry-maker's distaste for the episode, merely blamed for it.
11:36:13 PM Dec 16th 2012
edited by GoblinScribe
Wait, how were "Putting Your Hoof Down", "Hearth Warming's Eve" and "Dragon Quest" Base Breakers? The former was, to my recollection, pretty popular, and had some people who were meh. Hearth Warming's Eve was a very popular one as well, and the only real complaints were from people confused about the alicorn flag deal. Dragon Quest didn't get a big "BEST EPISODE EVER", but neither did it get many protests.

If we're going to say those three were Base Breakers, surely this episode, with the OOC arguments (which, for the record, I disagree with completely), should make it one as well.

Seems like the troper just included the other three to give the sentence a better ring to it than "After one very controversial episode, one that a few people were iffy on, one people kinda liked but didn't much care for and one people loved".

Seriously, hasn't Merriwether been Rescued by now? Are we going to be back here in a month saying the NEW episode Rescued her, and this one was ALSO controversial on account of the "heavy character exaggeration" of Pinkie?
01:24:56 PM Dec 15th 2012
Is fucking EVERY episode a base breaker?

And really? We're using the YMMV pages to complain about the lack of Derpy?
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