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09:14:21 PM Nov 18th 2011
edited by RedHoodsShadow
Revan's Status as a Mary Tzu:

In all fairness, we actually never got any details regarding what exactly Revan did or did not do during the battles of the Mandalorian Wars he waged in. For all we know, those could have been legitimate wins, and not the product of being divinely gifted at waging war. Also, for the one battle that we DO know the details for, (Malachor V) Revan basically used a simple but brutally effective strategy to ensure victory. So I question his status as a Mary Tzu.

Same for Memetic Badass, although I do agree that that CAN happen depending on who you talk to on the internet. But to say that him Vs. Palpatine is a ridiculous fight that he can't win, keep in mind that we actually don't really know what Revan's exact skill level is, because of how Wordof God has kept that rather ambiguous, and seems intent on keeping it that way. So really there's no way of knowing whether or not he COULD beat Palpatine or not. His "canon stats", so to speak, aren't concrete enough.
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