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03:03:58 PM Jul 11th 2011
I'm pulling this from the YMMV topic and putting it up for discussion.

  • The entire Horcrux quest. Not only do they never leave Britannia and spend 90% of the quest in a tent, snapping at each other because of a Horcrux (very intelligent J.K.R.), but the gorram Horcruxes are barely protected, at least compared to the first two (Gringotts silliness apart). What, Voldemort found himself out of budget for the last pieces of his soul? It was too much trouble to put at least some defense in them? What should have come as an Indiana Jones/Conan the Barbarian-style quest of epic proportion instead came as a weekend with bernie with wands.

Any way we can rewrite this to be a little less, er, vicious while still getting the point across?
09:10:42 PM Jan 10th 2014
well few people knew about Horcuxes. So maybe Vodly didn't think he needed a lot of protection. But there was protection with the 6th book one. It took Vodly a long time to learn about Horcues about as long as it took him to find the Secret Chamber that he was heir too.