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09:01:19 AM Oct 18th 2015
"Game Breaker" entry in the YMMW page. -Yuri Prime is vurnerable to aircraft, Tanya, Boris, Terror Drone, dogs, and anything that outranges him. Also, a pair of gatling tanks. Mind control one, get mowed down by another. -Mirage tanks are useless for sieges in RA 2. -Kirovs have nothing to defend themselves from Rocketeers, or even normal AA units. If you micro even a single IFV/Flak track you can outmanouver a Kirov. They'd have to have strong escorts and even then they're gonna get outgunned by even medium groups of Guard G Is sitting behind walls. And in RA 3/Uprising they can be frozen and if that heppens they instantly fall to the ground and blow up. -American Aircraft Carriers in RA 2 and 3 -Prism Tanks ourtange any mind-control unit that Yuri has in his arsenal and magnet tanks don't have enough range to pull Prisms without risking being taken down by other prisms. -Uprising: If you catch a Giga-Fortress on land you can destroy it with as little as 5 Mecha-Tengus, assuming it can't run away fast enough. -RA 3/Uprising Apocalypse tanks are full of weaknesses. Get 2 Tesla Troopers near it and it's DONE. Natasha can snipe a pilot of one. Nothing to defend them from air (so even bombers and VX chopters can take an Apocalypse out with ease.) They can't be considered a game breaker, at worst a Mighty Glacier.
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