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YMMV: Command & Conquer: Red Alert Series
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YMMV page for the overall franchise:

The Red Alert Series:

  • Counterpart Comparison: Yuri is often considered the Red Alert counterpart to Kane in the main series due to being a bald Diabolical Mastermind.
  • Creepy Awesome: Yuri, contrasting with the rest of the game's he's in seeming to run on Crazy Awesome.
  • Fanon Discontinuity:
    • Fans still debate on a number of issues, notably which ending of the first Red Alert leads to Tiberian Dawn.
    • According to Westwood, the Allied ending leads to both Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert 2. The Soviet ending appears to lead into a completely different non-canon era.
  • Game Breaker:
    • Yuri Prime, Apocolypse Tanks (Red Alert 2 only), Kirov Airships, Shogun Battleships, Mirage Tanks, Athena Cannons, Etc.
    • Yuri's faction from Yuri's Revenge.
      • Namely, Flying Discs with lasers and tractor beams, tanks and static defences that can mind control enemy units, and missile submarines.
      • Don't forget that you can shut down an enemy's entire base with just four Flying Discs. Park one over a Power Plant, another over their Refinery, and one near any building that can produce anti-air infantry/vehicles. Not to mention Yuri Prime, who can mind-control buildings (and with the Cloning Vat, you can get two Yuri Primes!)
    • Uprising introduces us to the Harbinger gunship, a nigh on invincible self healing flying fortress. If you can build up a few then they make the attack move option a 'I win' button.
    • Don't forget the Empire's Giga-Fortress. Just one of them can take away a quarter of a Harbinger's health in Sea-Fortress mode. And don't get me started on Sky-Fortress mode!
    • The Sky-Fortress modes is the main use for them. They outrange anti-air units, and do insane damage.
    • The Apocalypse Tank in Uprising gets some major upgrades. Its magnetic harpoon weapon now keeps enemy units from shooting back, so if you micromanage them right you can easily defeat a force tier-3 armor of the same size without taking any damage, and they can used to pull ships on land to instantly destroy them. However, it's not considered a gamebreaker merely because of Harbingers Gunships and Giga Fortresses.
  • Ham and Cheese: Goes a long way towards describing the acting in the series. And man, is it fantastic. Or at least in the later games. The first one had very subdued performances to fit with the serious tone of the game itself.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Outside of Yuri's actions, probably biggest one goes to Vladimir when after a psychic amplifier in Chicago is destroyed, he destroys the city with nuclear missile.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
  • Rooting for the Empire: Many fans were disappointed that Yuri's faction in Yuri's Revenge didn't get its own campaign.
  • Russians Love Red Alert: Despite the USSR being obvious villains, these games are quite popular among Russians since the after the first one, the USSR stereotypes are Played for Laughs.

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