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!![[VideoGame/CommandAndConquerRedAlertSeries The Red Alert Series]]:

* CompleteMonster: Joseph Stalin in the first game and Yuri in the second game and its expansion packs. For more information, see their [[YMMV/CommandAndConquerRedAlert respective]] [[YMMV/CommandAndConquerRedAlert2 pages]].
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* CounterpartComparison: Yuri is often considered the Red Alert counterpart to Kane in the main series due to being a bald DiabolicalMastermind.
* CreepyAwesome: Yuri, contrasting with the rest of the game's he's in seeming to run on CrazyAwesome.
* FanonDiscontinuity:
** Fans still debate on a number of issues, notably which ending of the first ''Red Alert'' leads to ''Tiberian Dawn''.
** According to [[WordOfGod Westwood]], the Allied ending leads to both Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert 2. The Soviet ending appears to lead into a completely different non-canon era. Which doesn't make much sense, considering Kane's appearance in the final Soviet cutscene. [[MST3KMantra Best not to think too hard about it.]]
* {{Defictionalization}}: The Iron Curtain device? It's a thing now. Although it works by using a high-intensity radio screen to prematurely detonate explosives rather than SovietSuperscience to slap a DeflectorShield made of oscilating particles on a tank for 30 seconds.
* GameBreaker:
** Yuri Prime, Apocalypse Tanks (''Red Alert 2'' only), Kirov Airships, Shogun Battleships, Mirage Tanks, Athena Cannons, Etc.
** Yuri's faction from ''Yuri's Revenge''.
*** Namely, Flying Discs with lasers and tractor beams, tanks and static defences that can mind control enemy units, and missile submarines.
*** Don't forget that you can shut down an enemy's entire base with just four Flying Discs. Park one over a Power Plant, another over their Refinery, and one near any building that can produce anti-air infantry/vehicles. Not to mention Yuri Prime, who can mind-control buildings (and with the Cloning Vat, you can get ''two'' Yuri Primes!)
** ''Uprising'' introduces us to the Harbinger gunship, a nigh on invincible self healing flying fortress. If you can build up a few then they make the attack move option a 'I win' button.
** Don't forget the Empire's Giga-Fortress. Just one of them can take away a quarter of a Harbinger's health in Sea-Fortress mode. And don't get me started on Sky-Fortress mode!
** The Sky-Fortress modes is the main use for them. They outrange anti-air units, and do insane damage.
** The Apocalypse Tank in Uprising gets some major upgrades. Its magnetic harpoon weapon now keeps enemy units from shooting back, so if you micromanage them right you can easily defeat a force tier-3 armor of the same size without taking any damage, and they can used to pull ships on land to instantly destroy them. However, it's not considered a gamebreaker merely because of Harbingers Gunships and Giga Fortresses.
* HamAndCheese: Goes a long way towards describing the acting in the series. [[TropesAreNotBad And man, is it fantastic]]. Or at least in the later games. The first one had very subdued performances to fit with the serious tone of the game itself.
* MexicansLoveSpeedyGonzales: Despite the USSR being obvious villains, these games are quite popular among Russians since after the first one, the USSR stereotypes (along with [[EagleLand the]] [[AnimeLand others]]) are PlayedForLaughs.
* MoralEventHorizon: Outside of Yuri's actions, probably biggest one goes to Vladimir when after a psychic amplifier in Chicago is destroyed, [[KickTheDog he destroys the city with nuclear missile]].
* RootingForTheEmpire: Many fans were disappointed that Yuri's faction in ''Yuri's Revenge'' didn't get its own campaign.
* ShownTheirWork: UsefulNotes/JosephStalin's sociopathic behavior may appear like a [[HistoricalVillainUpgrade caricature]], but ''Red Alert'' provides one of the most accurate depictions of Stalin in any fictional medium, both in terms of actions and mannerisms. [[note]] Discounting his somewhat inaccurate-to-reality voice which actually sounded like on [[ this video]]. This is his actual speech made after the Nazis' capitulation, complete with his "trademark" Georgian accent.[[/note]] . Which gives some unpleasant food for thought.