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04:18:57 AM Dec 13th 2012
How is Creator's Pet defined here? I don't think Dawn qualifies, I actually feel the Creators horribly mistreated Dawn?
07:35:02 AM Dec 13th 2012
Define "mistreat." "Mistreat" as in do mean things to would actually make it more likely, since those mean things tend to be interesting and plotline-related (see Character Focus on the Creator's Pet page). "Mistreat" as in "mishandle," on the other hand, would be something entirely different.

Now, she's definitely a Scrappy. I don't know whether the creators explicitly like her. She definitely got more focus than was necessary (following season 5, obviously. She had a reason for being the focus there). And I honestly don't really remember any characters seriously talking her up.

So she definitely fits 2/4 criteria for being a CP. If someone can find out about the other two (because I just don't know either way), then we can decide whether she is or not.
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