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11:16:09 AM Mar 19th 2013
Is this about the man or the character he plays. Because it really doesn't do much to make a distinction.
10:10:19 AM Jul 18th 2014
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Both, primarily the character, but seeing how the character is just an exaggeration of the man, with some elements of Self-Parody, Worked Shoot and Real Life Writes the Plot and you can begin to see why the line gets blurred a little. It's supposed to be.
10:41:18 AM Jul 18th 2014
As a matter of practice, it should be about the character, though - we don't trope Real Life people.
09:13:26 AM Jul 20th 2011
As of 18th July Raw, HHH has taken over the company in kayfabe, so expect some developments for this page. I vote Crowning Moment of Heartwarming for the crowd chanting "Thank You Vince"(when not 1 minute ago, they were singing the Nananana Goodbye song).
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