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09:32:26 AM May 1st 2015
edited by Lyner
Shouldn't this example list be cleaned up? A vast portion of the lines here fail to meet the criteria of a Wham Line. Many, many are the product of extensive foreshadowing, or a natural and predictable part of the flow of the story, and there's also a number that don't really change the game much if at all. A Wham Line is a single statement that instantly changes the flow of the story or the structure of the universe, and that comes out of nowhere, without any recognizable foreshadowing or simple predictability given the current flow.

One good example of a non-Wham Line is in Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, where Jeanne suddenly realizes her rival Sinbad's secret identity. Yes, it does have devastating affects on the relationships, but Sinbad's identity was quite obvious for some time, due to behavior, appearance and direct hints; the Reveal was inevitable, and its effects predictable.

On the other hand, the point where Fin, the angel that had gotten Jeanne to work sealing demons that'd been collecting energy, reveals herself as a fallen angel who'd been using her to gather that energy to strengthen the forces of darkness, THAT was a Wham Line.
09:46:19 AM May 1st 2015
Sure, feel free to do so.
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