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05:45:59 PM Jan 7th 2018
Does anyone know how to create an Awesome Moments page? (It surprises me that we have yet to create one.)
06:09:07 PM Jan 7th 2018
Either change the Namespace from WesternAnimation/ to Awesome/ or create a link like Wild Kratts, go to that page click on "Edit Page" and then start adding examples and click save

Once the page is created, add link on the list on the Awesome.Western Animation page so it's indexed and your done
05:53:13 PM May 24th 2013
Is this a trope? In one episode (can't remember which), they're chasing Donita and Dabio, who then get on a plane and fly off. Oh no, now we'll never catch them! ...But then the plane lands, like, 100 feet from where it took off.
09:31:15 PM May 9th 2012
Would it be wrong of me to create a subpage just for the Fan Dumb? Every time I try to rewrite the entry, it winds up actually being LONGER than the original author's. There's just too much information there for it to really be concise.

Posted the most concise version I have written, but I still feel like it's not informative enough.
03:33:31 AM May 10th 2012
Don't forget that you are able to use paragraph breaks; in fact, they're greatly underused on the wiki. To make sure they have the same level of indentation do either this:

* Fan Dumb: info info blah-di-blah\\
Some more stuff etc.

or this:

*Fan Dumb: stuff about it and so on

:: There's more to add, blah blah blah

Making a separate subpage seems unnecessary to me.
01:46:28 AM May 13th 2012
Actually, I didn't know about the paragraph breaks. All of the "coding" I know about the site I observed through editing (like one asterisk makes an entry and two makes a sublevel in the entry). Thanks!
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