Western Animation The Nightmare Before Christmas Discussion

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05:40:01 PM Aug 5th 2017
This example bothers me:
  • Hidden Depths: Everyone, save maybe Lock, Shock and Barrel. Even Dr. Finklestein, who's basically lonely, and likely created Sally for companionship.

We need to go into more depth on how each character has hidden depths. "Everyone" is an exaggeration.
12:12:16 AM Oct 14th 2014
"The people of Halloween Town are macabre, disturbing, and scary, and enjoy things that are dangerous and unpleasant to regular people, but that's just because it's their nature. In their world, these things are all quite positive. This is the primary source of conflict in the movie, because although the Halloween creatures think they understand Christmas, it's impossible for them to do so. Not even Jack really gets it."

I would argue that it's not that they don't understand Christmas, as such, but more a matter of aesthetics. They totally seem to understand the altruism, good will towards "man," and so on, it's just that to them, a rotten severed foot, or a flattened rat hat, or a man-eating wreath are all perfectly nice things to give to someone.
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