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06:18:26 AM Apr 26th 2013
I think we have a Strawman or a Jerkass Has a Point moment In Terms of Endearment when Wooldoor explains that a Tumor has turned Foxy into a racist stereotype and Clara asks "What was she before." While mean it accurate as they just shifted from the modern black promiscuous stereotype, to the much older minstrel one.
09:20:40 AM Oct 28th 2012

  • Adult Child: Captain Hero, quite often. One episode, "Super Nanny", is entirely based around this trope.

Adult Child has been renamed to One of the Kids. In order for this to be an example of the trope, the character's childishness has to be from or demonstrated by interacting with children. This example can be added back with context relevant to the trope if it fits.
10:35:11 AM Oct 28th 2012
Manchild is really the more appropriate trope in this instance.
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