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07:00:51 PM Apr 10th 2012
edited by Freezer
Why did the Dragonkin leader choose Graham as the 'chosen one' instead of letting another kid wizard rise up through the ranks? It's not like he had any difficulty dispatching the last ones, and getting a worldly-wise man like Graham trained in magic is exactly the kind of error that could defeat him.
10:01:37 PM Apr 27th 2012
Not to mention Graham has already proven he'll choose evil over good in a heartbeat. Really all Wyrmspawn has to do is make the offer and Graham would sell out the wizards without a second thought other than maybe asking "can you keep the hot chicks alive? And give them to me?"
07:38:35 PM Apr 30th 2012
edited by Chariset
Oh, hey Freezer. Nice to see you here.

We all know Graham's going to go over to heroism eventually. Kicking and screaming, and wearing armor so sour it makes lemons taste sweet, but a hero nonetheless.

Though I could see him as Wyrmkin's attempt to plant The Mole at the wizarding academy... even though assuming Graham could get and keep anyone's trust seems like a reeeeeeeal stretch
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