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08:48:12 AM Oct 18th 2012
Should there be a laconic page?
09:35:35 AM Oct 18th 2012
Work pages don't generally have/need them, but feel free to make one.
04:38:13 PM Jul 5th 2011
Can anyone catch me up to speed on why we suddenly don't notice Moral Dissonance anymore?
02:53:16 PM Aug 13th 2010
Has Rose Colored Glasses been replaced with Jade-Colored Glasses? I ask because I can't find the former trope and we have both.
08:38:45 AM Sep 25th 2010
cut this; it needs to be sorted out off the main page.

  • Black and Gray Morality: With Legaria being the black and Cale's party being the gray.
    • Debatable actually. While Aelloon certainly displays many of the traits of a standard Big Bad, many of the Legarans have been shown to be motivated primarily by a sense of duty. This is with special mention to Aelloon's father and the poor fools that tried to "save" Richard's village. Arguably the setting displays Grey and Gray Morality more than anything else.

Personally, I can see validity in both sides.
09:38:47 AM Mar 15th 2010
So, what is it with fantasy comics and elves revealing they were married long before the adventure started? First 8-Bit Theatre, then Order Of The Stick, now Looking for Group. It just feels weird that all three of them had the same plot twist (though in Theatre's case, it was more just a gag).
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