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07:41:17 PM Jun 3rd 2012
Is it really necessary to have the names put into spoiler tags? I mean... none of the names are ever used in the story you could read it from start to finish without ever knowing. so having them blocked out is kind of meaningless... isn't it? I mean, if you read something involving someone named "Rojo" and you haven't reached that yet... does it matter? You still don't know who Rojo even is. And you never would.
04:35:18 PM Dec 11th 2011
Not sure if anyone ever reads these, but here goes;

I'm seriously debating the legitimacy of the [[Conflict Ball]] entry, because as far as I can tell, nothing the BLU Soldier does in that scene is actually out of character for him. (They found him debriefing the severed head of the Red Medic who he had "convinced to switch sides" at one point...when asked where the rest of him was, he proceeded to outline a plan to invade Poland. THIS IS NOT A RATIONAL HUMAN BEING.) He's been pretty well established as being irrational and more than a little crazy, and prone to sudden fits of violence. He also has also targeted Bleu/Jordi for little to no reason in the past. (He was responsible for at least 2 of Jordi's trips to the infirmiry...hitting him in the head with a shovel on the third page because he thought he was an intruder, later chucking a slide projector at his head for NO APPARENT REASON.) And...he's soldier. I could easily see him getting up that day, noticing that he was the only BLU that showed up for work, and running off determined to drag the first able bodied man he can find out onto the field with him, nevermind if they are prepared to fight or not. Jordi just happened to be the first and easiest to locate at that moment, and Jeremy was probably lucky that he wasn't made to join up too, even with a cut hamstring.

(Also, the other soldier didn't strike me as weirded out by the other soldier's behavior so much as slightly confused by the fact that his enemies were apparently ignoring him...but not so confused that he wasn't prepared to crit rocket them both.)

I dunno what to call this, actually. I mean, it does seem like awfully bad luck Jordi and Jeremy are located by the least rational person on the base right then, and it gives them all the incentive they need to go ahead with the escape attempt.

07:17:39 PM Dec 11th 2011
I'm not sure what to call it either, but I agree. The "Red Soldier is confused" bit has actually been bugging me for some time but I've never gotten around to doing anything about it.

I'm not sure what to call it off the top of my head either, but I think Conflict Ball should be ganked.
09:50:28 AM Dec 9th 2011
Ok, I'm not 100% sure, but is it safe to say that we can add [[Everyone Can See it]] in regards to Bleu and Scouts relationship? Based on the Red Scout's line: "Everybody knows about you two anyways." (Which was a response to Scout blushingly noting that everyone had seen him kissing Bleu.)

And then Scout says (without a trace of apparent irony) that "I thought I was doing such a good job hiding it." (his feelings for Bleu.)

I only ask because, unlike other examples of this trope, the relationship wasn't intended to be the focus of the story, and because of the limited perspective for so much of the comic, we didn't really get to see as much of the other character's reactions to the developing romance. (just hints here and there. Like Heavy's [[shipper on board]] scene, or subtler moments like Blue Engineer asking Bleu to talk to the sulking Scout in one scene (after Scout incorrectly concluded that Bleu was having a fling with Sniper), implying that he knows that whatever the problem was, it was related to the Blue Spy.) So, do we have an example here, or is it too much in the subtext to count? (I think if we'd had anyone's pov for the story besides Blue Spy, there would have been no question.)
05:28:57 PM Jul 8th 2010
So, does anybody else find the release of the Gunslinger Hilarious in Hindsight? What with the blue Engineer getting a new robot hand and all...
09:35:56 PM Jul 8th 2010
I was honestly thinking about that earlier today. Except I didn't know whether I was supposed to laugh or cringe. Or both. At once.
05:26:58 AM Jul 9th 2010
Hmm...what should it be then? I want to add it, but Hilarious in Hindsight or "Funny Aneurysm" Moment?
03:25:56 PM Jul 9th 2010
edited by Gancena
...I think it's Hilarious in Hindsight mostly because of how well Engie brushed off the attack. He seemed really calm by the dispenser. But since I had no idea how to react, Your Mileage May Vary should be noted. Go for it, but remember to spoilerize.
11:59:04 AM Jun 24th 2010
Question: is it too early to add Anyone Can Die to the trope list? After reading the entire comic last night (having been linked there by TV Tropes, natch), I was surprised to find this trope not already in the list. Several characters have died, from unknowns like the first RED Medic to fan favorites/main characters like Gabry, and some main characters have suffered a seemingly pointless death, like the BLU Sniper. That seems to fit the requirements of the trope.
12:12:44 PM Jun 24th 2010
After looking over the article and giving it some serious thought... yeah, I actually think it fits. I guess Anyone Can Die just feels like such a broad trope that none of the editors thought to put it in yet.

I guess I'll do that right now.

Come to think, that's kind of a prerequisite for the setting. Huh.
06:51:35 PM Jun 24th 2010
Ah, so I'm not crazy! Thank you.
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