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06:26:54 AM Dec 29th 2015
Do we really need to specify when a trope is invoked? Since Linkara is actively pointing out which tropes are and aren't involved in the shows, practically everything is invoked and doesn't need to be pointed out as such.
08:59:24 AM Dec 29th 2015
Yeah, if we don't want tvtropes to flag YMMV tropes as YMMV.
02:23:53 PM Dec 27th 2015
Per TRS decision, Wall Banger is no longer a trope. Please add this example to an existing trope if there is one.
  • Wall Bangerinvoked: Linkara's opinion on at least two moments in this series. He considers Dax letting a villain walk away with the scroll while making absolutely no attempt to stop her absolutely mind-bogglingly idiotic, with footage of Linkara literally banging his head against the wall (only the second time Lewis has showed himself on camera in the whole HOPR series). And then again when one of the Alpha robots is revealed to have been left in an abandoned warehouse in a box for years and speaks with a horrible voice that doesn't sound anything like any of the past Alphas, further made Wall Banger-y by the fact that they didn't bother contacting any of the three voice actors who provided the original voices.
01:59:29 AM Sep 22nd 2015
I feel that Nothing Is the Same Anymore is a trope he uses in considering overall power rangers continuity in regards to some things. Should it go in Power Rangers Samurai, for mentioning how Mighty Morphin was the first publicly documented team? Or in In Space as the Alien Invasion was too big to be covered up, and thus lead to big changes on Earth from Terra Venture to Lightspeed Rescue in jumping technology and culture up lightyears?
03:26:11 AM Apr 23rd 2012
According to Twitter, Linkara says the SPD vid will come out in the next week or so. IIRC, he was rendering at least one of them yesterday.
07:16:54 PM Apr 23rd 2012
He's actually got all three parts on Blip now.
02:12:50 PM Sep 28th 2013
Not to nitpick but hasn't he watched Operation overdrive already? He watches the next season before doing the video of the previouse one. So won't he be watching Jungle Fury now?
06:52:03 PM Jan 4th 2014
He used to watch the season after the one he was reviewing to let his opinion settle- stuff was taking too long as is, so he stopped once team-ups stopped being as common.
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