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09:22:28 AM Jan 23rd 2011
Samus is in Dead or Alive: Dimensions.
01:28:43 PM Jan 23rd 2011
Monty would definitely find that hilarious. Doubly so if Nicole is in it too.
04:09:16 PM Jan 23rd 2011
Well the only way Nicole could be in is if they remove ALL references to Halo. Maybe they could retcon her into being a Galactic Federation Trooper...
12:14:34 AM Jan 26th 2011
Damn, it was recently confirmed that Samus is only a cameo, not a playable character... still, do you think the Hilarious in Hindsight entry should stay there?
12:55:19 AM Jan 26th 2011
Sure, it still means the two universes are somehow connected, right?
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