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11:10:59 PM Jul 4th 2010
edited by AmbarSonofDeshar
Why was my guess here deleted? Not random enough? Is it because I forgot to put spoilers in? Or what? I wasn't rude, it doesn't seem to be in a format all that different from that of the others, or anything like that, so why? Especially given that the person who deleted it added a multiparagraph, Roy/Riza justifier. Here's what it said.

Bradley's Final Battle was an attempt at Together in Death with his wife
Think about it; Bradley's spent the entire series saying flat out that the only person he loves is his wife. He's also been the only homunculus to come close to showing doubts about the plan, even if it's only in a twitch of his eye at various points. The way I see it is, Bradley doesn't like the plan, but is far too programmed by Father to try and avert it or do anything but help it to it's conclusion, which of course entails the death of everyone in Amestris, including Mrs. Bradley. So what does he do? He helps the plan through to the end, and then decides it's time to die. Being a Blood Knight though (and the living incarnation of Wrath) he can't simply off himself, so instead he throws himself into one last battle against Scar, one of the most Bad Ass people in series, and one of the few with a legitimate chance of killing him. The more I think about it, the more it seems to me that this must play at least some part in Bradley's motivation, even if only at the subconcious level. Humanises him a bit too.

Anyone care to tell me what I did wrong?
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