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01:12:27 PM May 16th 2014
edited by
This page is getting out of hand. We need some way of sorting the WM Gs, like I did for the Happy Tree Friends page, but I'm unsure of how we should divide them. Here are some suggestions, though:
  • A folder for guesses about family - "X is related to Y"-style.
  • A folder for crossovers excluding Ghost Trick - for example, "Apollo is related to Shawn Spencer" guess would go here, "Talented Spirit Medium automatically gain Ghost Tricks upon dying." would not, and goes instead to...
  • A folder related to the Fey-clan.
10:16:24 AM Apr 25th 2010
Why was the "Ema Skye is one of the new Yatagarasu" WMG deleted?
10:31:31 AM Apr 25th 2010
edited by Marshmello
Please read the Page History next time: it wasn't deleted, it was merged with an identical WMG higher up on the page (Ctrl+F "Yatagarasu" and it's the first result). We don't need two entries about the same thing.
10:43:17 AM Apr 25th 2010
Okay. Sorry, the page history things confuse me. ^^;
10:44:06 AM Apr 25th 2010
Maybe next time, a reason could be given for deleting something? ^^; ^^;
10:51:19 AM Apr 25th 2010
A reason was given. The orange text above each entry in Page History is the reason why the edit was made. Even if it confuses you, Page History is the first place you should look if something has been recently changed or deleted.
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