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11:51:21 AM Jul 24th 2014
Something of a mea culpa, since I added it here, but so have others - is there actually an ending where a cruel Elodie regrets killing her friends and family and grows up depressed and alone? I've only ever seen Elodie greatly enjoy being a sadist.
07:59:16 PM Jun 3rd 2014
Okay. E Kono Mai, per Handling Spoilers, we should try to write entries with as few spoiler-tags as possible.

Is there some reason that we need the names of everyone involved revealed when we can instead mention what's going on in more oblique terms?
10:44:06 PM Jun 3rd 2014
Are the spoilers that obtrusive?
10:57:27 PM Jun 3rd 2014
If this is over what I think it's over, then rewriting as something along the lines of "Elodie can send assassins to kill a powerful and unruly noble so as to prevent the deaths of thousands of people in a civil war" would convey the essence of the trope well enough without the need for spoiler tagging of any sort.

That said, I don't think the example in question is a particularly egregious case of unnecessary spoilering. I wouldn't have any qualms with how it's written either way.
02:55:38 AM Jun 4th 2014

  • One way to appease Ixion is to execute the noble responsible for the problem with them.
  • One of the ways of appeasing Ixion is executing Brin.

and (the first example needs to be properly indented, but anyway)

  • Elodie can prevent a civil war at one point by having a traitor poisoned.
    • Elodie can send an assassin to take out Arisse, should she either screw things up with the nobles or unwittingly help cause the death of Adair and receive reports that Arisse is attempting to start a civil war.

In both cases, I think that the first flows a lot better, which is why I made the edits in question. I could have been clearer with my edit reasons though.
12:29:54 PM Jun 4th 2014
edited by
I think being specific is better in this case, since there are other spoilers in that entry.
04:39:29 PM Jun 4th 2014
You mean the bare fact that a civil war is possible/there are problems with Ixion? Or the whole Shoot the Dog entry?

The first is not much of a spoiler. The second, I think, is irrelevant; we spoiler-tag Lucille-related stuff because Lucille's role in everything is a huge secret, but we don't have to be specific about "problems with Ixion" or "a possible civil war."
11:29:24 PM Jan 13th 2014
I personally think that the intro worked better with the ellipses than it does cut down for conciseness. It made it clearer that the whole art style and apparent premise are setting you up for a huge Mood Whiplash.

07:11:28 PM Nov 15th 2013
I am attempting to compile a slightly more coherent guide to the game because the wiki is a bit disorganized, but it would help if there was a save editor for altering skills as needed. Anyone know either where the save files are located in the Steam Folder or know a modding software specifically for L Lt Q?
12:46:34 PM Nov 16th 2013
There's a debug console in the game which can be used to input cheat codes. official instructions here: http://hanakoforum.nfshost.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=1691

for the steam save files, probably better to ask in the steam forums?
11:38:59 AM Jun 6th 2013
  • No matter what you do, Charlotte always gets the short end of the prejudice stick for being a Lumen - even if Elodie fully embraced the Lumen crystal.

I moved this out of the Downer Ending slot because I really have no idea what it's talking about. Charlotte can get killed in the end if Elodie orders it, but I don't remember her facing predjudice and certainly not inescapable prejudice. For that matter, Charlotte isn't even a Lumen, just a potential... Did this mean Julianna instead? She does tend to face prejudice, but it CAN be avoided.
04:11:13 AM Jun 8th 2013
Probably the latter. (I must ask how, though, since even winning the duel with magic somehow turned everyone against her.)
11:32:57 AM Jun 8th 2013
How people react to Julianna (and Lumens in general) seems to depend on people's public opinion of Elodie in general as well as whether or not she defeats Togami with magic.
12:05:32 PM Jun 8th 2013
I think you have to avoid the problem with the guy on trial for murder, because if it goes wrong it starts a rumor about an evil Lumen conspiracy.
12:40:17 PM Jun 8th 2013
Looking back on my first win, I think that's indeed the case. Elodie in that one was high enough in Lumen skills that she could both sense his crystal and force his magic to rebound on him.