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08:52:18 AM Sep 30th 2013
Query: Under the "Always Chaotic Evil" tab it says the Dark Brotherhood is Neutral Evil, and then says "as assassins they have to be willing to kill people to further your own ends." While yes, that's evil, that's closer to being Lawful Evil. Especially when you consider the fact that the Dark Brotherhood has laws they abide to.
06:58:30 PM Mar 19th 2012
The game received a universally positive critical response, the PC and Xbox 360 versions holding Metacritic scores of 94. The response from fans of the series was more mixed as the long-time fans thought the game was too simplified compared to the previous instalment in the franchise, Morrowind.

Eh... until about the time skyrim came around, and they pretty much shut up about that time. Only because I recall hearing about how many were concerned about 'finishing moves' in skyrim, only to discover later that it was cool and didn't really ruin the 'flow'. Or maybe that's just because said fans ate away their time for about 5 years???
11:15:01 AM Aug 27th 2011
Possible troper tales?