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05:42:48 PM Mar 14th 2011
Is there really a Science Is Bad Aesop in the game? Technology isn't really treated as inherently bad, and it's science that is implied to be the eventual solution to the desertification.
09:48:32 AM Mar 18th 2011
No, I never got that vibe.
12:51:21 AM Mar 6th 2011
edited by RedViking
Tooknown, there is only one Romance Sidequest in the game because it isn't a catch-all term for any sidequest that involves romance. It is specifically when the protagonist enters into a romantic relationship with someone.

The sidequests involving the other characters are not Romance Sidequests because Stocke is not entering into a relationship with them. Instead, he is ensuring that they become a couple with the ones they love, which makes both those quests a Match Maker Quest.

A Romance Sidequest and a Match Maker Quest may be similar since they are both sidequests that involve romance, but they are not the same thing.
08:42:42 PM Mar 8th 2011
This is getting silly. I wanted to think tooknown simply didn't notice the explanations, but it's hard to believe they would continue to edit the same line back and forth without wondering why it kept changing in the first place. And it's such a trivial point too...
10:16:05 PM Mar 8th 2011
You're right, this is getting silly. I really wish Tooknown would speak up so we'd, at the very least, know where s/he's coming from.

Regardless, I've already talked to a mod about this.
06:37:14 AM Mar 9th 2011
07:08:13 PM Jan 2nd 2011
This page is for a work and was started half an hour before landing on the Cut List. Can't we at least give it a chance for Wiki Magic to work before doing this?
05:31:50 PM Feb 3rd 2011
Thanks for the warning, I'll save a copy of the page so I don't have to type everything all over again.
06:48:54 PM Feb 24th 2011
Isn't it time somebody updated this page to reflect the newly localized names?

(I'm afraid to edit it myself because I'm still playing through it, and also spoilers...)
10:05:54 AM Feb 26th 2011
I also suggest "Run Don't Walk" be removed. You can walk in the game by holding the B button down, but why bother?
08:07:38 AM Mar 1st 2011
"Why bother walking", you ask? If you walk, you'll be able to react sooner to any enemies that suddenly pop up on your screen (and thus can swipe at them more accurately). Not everyone's a "reflex" gamer. Honestly, even I didn't notice its potential until I tried it for myself.
06:28:00 PM Mar 2nd 2011
Edited names to reflect localized version.
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