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08:02:11 PM Jun 1st 2013
There is this bug in the Xbox 360 version of the game within the v1.1 update of the patch and DLC discs that breaks players' ability of accessing Machine Buster 2, Vending Expert 2, Sonic Boom 2 if you use the DLC Plasmid Pack by itself. This isn't a huge issue, but kind of annoying for completionists who want every plasmid and tonics in the game. I did discover a solution around this; you have to remove the v1.1 patch (and if you have the Ultimate Rapture Edition, delete the DLC expansion disc too) then play the game with only the DLC Plasmid Pack from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace installed (you may have to start a new game if you have a save bonded with DLC expansion pack from Ultimate Rapture Edition) then play though the game until you get the missing plasmid and tonics.

Would this be considered a subversion of Game-Breaking Bug?
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