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03:50:08 AM Jul 25th 2013
The lead seems to be a bit long. Anyone want to work with me on cutting it down in size? There's a bit of gushing that needs to go, and there are a couple of paragraphs that can be condensed into just one.
11:42:52 PM Apr 13th 2013
edited by
I edited out some comments that propagate the false myth that faction SE aversions have an effect on diplomacy; they do not. Miriam has no particular problem with another faction running Value: Knowledge. Zhakarov has no problem with another faction running Fundamentalism. Morgan is no more opposed to other factions running Planned economies than he is to other factions running Green economies. And so on. If you doubt me, load up the game, run Fundamentlism and talk to Zhakarov (or Knowledge and talk to Miriam). Be sure you're not running Power or Wealth when talking to Zack, or Democracy or Police State when talking to Miriam. Note that neither of them has any "change your SE" message for their aversion.

Mind you, the Aversions are still set up to create rivalries between various factions. Zhakarov may not have a problem with another faction running Fundamentalism, but because Miriam can never run Knowledge, Zack will never love her. Same with Miriam; Zack can never run Fundamentalism to appease Miriam. Lal can never run Police State to appease Yang, nor can Yang run Democracy... though both can (and often do) choose Fundamentalism, making it possible to not rival with Miriam. Santiago has no built in rival; she can access any SE choice, and anyone can access Power (though she and Zack will tend to rival). Dierdre can never choose Free Market to court Morgan's favor, though it is interesting to note that Morgan *can* choose Green economics (and they can substitute Wealth for Free Markets from a strategic perspective), making the Gaians and the Morganites the only rivals who are able to form an ideological alliance, with a player at the helm of the Morganites.
02:54:25 PM Nov 20th 2012
So I recently got my hands on the GURPS Alpha Centauri supplement, and I've been wanting to add tropes and quotes from it that aren't found in the main game.

Question: Should I go ahead and add these to the main page, or should I create a new page for the GURPS setting as opposed to the video game proper?
12:16:49 AM Jul 26th 2012
edited by InsanityPrelude
Edit: never mind, found a working one
11:53:02 AM Dec 14th 2011
In May, back before the article was moved around, karstovich2 snuck in this snarky little Take That!:

14th May '11 3:27:39 PM karstovich2
Changed line(s) 66,67 (click to see context) from:
** The Believers: Using any government except Fundamentalist.
** The University: Using any value except Knowledge.
** The Believers: Using any government except Fundamentalist, or running Knowledge values.
** The University: Using any value except Knowledge, or running Fundamentalist government. (Makes sense, don't it: the Russian academic and the American Bible-thumper being polar opposites...)

That was not cool. Please leave your Misplaced Nationalism at the door.
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