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11:24:31 PM Jul 11th 2013
  • People Sit on Chairs: Invoked. Like in the Ultima series, the ability to sit on any intact chair is an important milestone towards the overall world consistency and interactivity.
01:18:46 AM Jul 12th 2013
Funny, but not what the page is about.

We should really make JustForFun.People Sit On Chairs for this kind of thing.
02:08:24 AM Jul 12th 2013
I know that's not what that page is about, which is why I posted it on the talk page in the first place, rather than the article itself. :D

And yeah, we really should, but the mods still take any reference to it way too seriously... I say, give it a couple more years and we'll be allowed to joke about it eventually. :)
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