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02:49:20 PM Mar 24th 2011
By the way: the recent adds regarding Elfaria's Moral Myopia are quite silly. Yes, they're fighting with an enslaved dragon on their side, but: 1: Knowing Beldor, a scheming, backstabbing Evil Sorcerer, he probably lied about Belial's true conditions, ergo Elfaria didn't know that Belial was totally enslaved. 2: Other than Belial, the Vanir didn't many other elite troops: Paladins and Fairies are weaker compared to Aesir's and Valkyries, and the Unicorns can barely match the Berserkers. And of course, there are Brigan, Griselda/Gwendolyn adn Odin himself who, with the Psypher Balor is basically Invicible. On the Vanir side, Oswald is powerful, but obeys only to Melvin, Melvin is a coward and Elfaria herself is powerless against Odin, even with Tesla. She probably can't afford to care about morality concerning hiring Belial. 3 and last point: the part about using the "souls of the dead" for making Ringford lively and so on Is. Total. Bullshit. In case you didn't noticed, the main character can do the very same thing themselves by simpling planting a seed. Oh, and they even absorb Phozons in their Psyphers, essentially stealing part of the Life Essence of the whole Erion for themselves. Yet, why they're not listed as evil!? These are my points, I'm eager to answer at any incoming reply. Apologies for the "Bullshit" part.
01:00:52 PM Apr 9th 2010
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No discussion yet? Okay, lets go on crack pairings for fanfiction then.
08:37:04 PM May 16th 2010
There's some confusion as to Odette's "role" as ruler of the Underworld. That is, SHE is the one who cursed Gallon with undead immortality in the first place to torment him, unless THAT was also mistaken in translation.
03:34:51 AM Nov 16th 2010
I guess that King Gallon's Punishment fits and is well deserved: I mean, in order to end a war against a foreign country he turned into an Apocalyptical, Fire/Ice/Poison breathing monster, who then went crazy and started killing everyone in sight. That's an evil act indeed. But she didn't make him Immortal... I thought she simply condamned him to "Enternal Rotting", I mean he is beign eaten away my maggots, but they'll never fully consume him. Rather than Immortal, he's Undead, like the Halja (by the way.. are you sure that Halja actually came from Norse Mithology?)
08:58:33 PM Dec 29th 2010
I'm pretty sure (granted, it's been forever since I've played the game, so apologies) that Odette cursed him into being immortal and constantly regenerating. Which I guess can be one and the same, in some cases. Not to mention I think she mentions that she plays with him, oi vey. xD; S'probably a special sort of punishment for his crimes in life.

Also, from what I understand, Halja aren't from Norse Mythology. They're called Shinigami in the Japanese version. Halja is, I believe, an Estonian adjective for verdant... which doesn't make much sense, really.

And while we're on the subject of crack pairings, albeit briefly, I'll be the first to call Onyx/Griselda.
03:32:34 AM Feb 22nd 2011
Well, Halja sounds like a good name thought.... But how is possible to access Endelphia actually? You can travel here by foot, need a boat, use a dark ritual.... ???
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