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09:08:37 AM May 23rd 2012
edited by SamMax
Most of my entries are based on the manual for the game as well as my own memories of playing the PS1 version. Feel free to change things if you need to, since I haven't played the game in some time (it's been a couple of months).
05:19:16 AM May 24th 2012
  • Do Not Call Me Paul: Max is named "Bones" by the doctor, but for unknown reasons, he perfers to be called "Max". The doctor seems to have just gone with calling him "Max" by the time of MDK2.

I just looked back at the manual and it said that Kurt perferred to call him Max for some reason. I goofed up on that one, so I wonder: is there a trope where one character calls a guy by his given name and and another person calls him by his nickname?
05:47:34 AM May 22nd 2012
edited by SamMax
How do I redirect Main.MDK to VideoGame.MDK? I couldn't quite get the directions, so I am wondering.
07:44:03 AM May 22nd 2012
Type [[redirect:VideoGame/{{MDK}}]]. I've done it for you.
08:28:40 AM May 22nd 2012
edited by SamMax
Thank you very much.
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