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07:05:34 PM Jun 18th 2014
Is Hollywood Hacker really appropriate in this instance? The explanation given kind of falls-through when one considers that Natalya probably assisted in the development of the satellite in the first place and was familiar with its operation. I don't think it's infeasible that she would be able to take down the satellite in that amount of time considering she was working directly with the main computer - which had no reason to be locked, being in the middle of the base. It might be different if she were able to disable it remotely in that amount of time, but in reality there was very little "hacking" going on.
03:02:24 AM Dec 19th 2011
Wouldn't it have been better to label the page "Goldeneye 007" to differentiate it from the later works on the next-gen consoles? Listing it as "Goldeneye 1997" just looks a bit odd.
12:48:58 PM Jan 29th 2012
Seconded, this needs to be moved. The game is officially titled "Goldeneye 007".
10:55:33 AM May 25th 2012
I think "Goldeneye 64" would make more sense. It's not like there isn't a precedence of adding "64" to the titles of N64 games, officially or not.
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