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04:48:06 AM Jul 24th 2017
I know they're not "official" yet, but should the Khalifate be added to the faction list?
06:13:00 PM Dec 5th 2012
Removed the following Trope:

  • Also, Magikarp Power: That same Shaman, though initially limited to the support role of healing and slowing, can be transformed into a direct-attack offensive spellcaster, the Sorceress, upon leveling up. She loses her healing ability in the process, but gains the ability to cast the arcane Faerie Fire spell, which is very strong against magical opponents (especially Undead). She can go all the way up to level 4 and become an Elvish Sylph with enough XP - which is one of the most powerful mainline-balanced units in the game.

The wording makes it sound like it was part of another trope, but I'm not sure which one.
11:18:59 AM Dec 8th 2012
I agree that the description makes it sound kind of like it's a different trope, one about healers becoming offensive, and shamans really aren't that useless, so I don't even think shamans qualify. If they work with another unit, they can be very effective, but they're just really weak alone.

I don't believe there's another trope for this. Personally, I'd just leave it out.
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