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03:42:33 AM Jan 3rd 2015
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Okay, I am halfway through the game, and here are the plot holes and general stupidities I have found so far:
  • Batman finds explosives planted under a building. What does he do? Does he disable them? Does he tell somebody about them? No, I'll tell you what he does about them: precisely nothing.
  • Batman sees a group of armed gangsters under a glass ceiling. He breaks the ceiling with explosive gel; what does he do next? Does he drop smoke grenades in the area, or otherwise distract the thugs? No, he just comes down blazing, and gets shot and blown up. (Somehow, he survives.)
  • Batman needs to recover (OK, steal) some information from the police station. Instead of doing this covertly, attracting minimum attention, he just breaks in and beats everybody up.
  • An assassin lures Batman into the bank. Batman ... just waltzes in through the main entrance. (For some reason, the villain isn't waiting for him ready to shoot him dead as soon as he opens the door.)
  • The blatant hypocrisy of Batman stopping the police from beating up suspects, while doing the very same thing himself. (That is, unless he gets more creative and engages in outright torture. The only time he gets called on that is by villains.)
07:52:18 AM Jan 5th 2015
That's nice. This page isn't for you to complain about the game.
01:05:12 PM Dec 3rd 2014
Cut for nitpicky reasons:
  • Artistic License Biology: Detective mode shows that the poison that Copperhead uses is tetrodotoxin. While it is a lethal neurotoxin, it does not produce hallucinations as it does in the game.

Detective Mode shows that Copperhead's poison contains tetrodotoxin. It doesn't say it's pure tetrodotoxin, and the secondary toxin is unidentified. That could be the hallucinogen.
03:15:25 AM Nov 10th 2013
I deleted the bit on the shout-out page about The Joker's imagine sequence as being Word of God that that was exactly how he became The Joker. As established by the series itself, The Joker is insane and literally cannot remember the exact circumstances behind what turned him into the Joker beyond being the Red Hood and Batman being involved. Since this is just an imagine sequence by Joker, the layout of the sequence obviously being impossible for the real world and the fact that Batman here is a demon instead of a man in a suit, there's no actual evidence that this is exactly how he became the Joker.
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