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06:21:21 AM Jun 17th 2013
This article states that Vlaso's final fate is unknown but according to the Other Wiki he was quite simply hung.
06:48:37 AM Mar 3rd 2014
TOW doesn't seem to cite a source for that claim. My own claim was based on Anthony Beevor's book Berlin: The Downfall 1945 - the lurid rumors of his torture and execution were KGB spread. If you have a source for TOW's version of events, feel free to change it. :)
08:07:23 AM Jun 1st 2014
edited by
Found a source for the "just hung story" here, which also mentions the primary source, the Izvestia Soviet newspaper of august 2 1946, meaning his death was public knowledge. .

As for the method of death, apparently another defected general was the source for the Cruel and Unusual Death rumor.
12:12:33 PM Jun 1st 2014
Good edit.
06:06:58 AM Jun 27th 2014
...do we have an NKVD source for it, though? I'm not saying that everything in Pravda, etcetc, is lies but still.

Great find, though. ^_^
09:37:19 PM Apr 3rd 2013
Can we rename this "Gnazis with Gnarly Weapons"? Please?
02:13:09 AM Apr 4th 2013
Oh, that is brilliant. I've made it a redirect for now; don't know about making it the actual name in the future.
01:32:34 PM Aug 22nd 2012
Also, Generalfeldmarschall Ferdinand Schörner held the job of Commander in Chief of the Heer only from 30 April 1945 to 8 May 1945. Throughout the war, the Commander in Chief had been the Führer himself, after the dismissal of Generalfeldmarschall Walther von Brauchitsch on 10 December 1941.
06:23:14 AM Jun 27th 2014
...I thought Brauschitsch had only been head of Armegruppe Mittel? o_0

...everyday I learn more of my own ignorance -_-
01:27:07 PM Aug 22nd 2012
The second in command of the Waffen SS has not been Hermann Fegelein (his positions as a flag officer had been: commander of the 8th SS Division Florian Geyer from April 1942 to January 1944 and liaison officer at the Führer's HQ from 1 January 1944 to 27 April 1945, when he was court-martialed and executed). The officer in charge of the SS military administration (SS-Führungshauptamt) which was directly subordinate to Heinrich Himmler and therefore operational chief of the SS had been SS-Obergruppenführer Hans Jüttner.
01:25:50 PM May 27th 2012
I've removed the sentence "It's hard to get a horse to wear a gas mask." from the Hooves and Halftracks section, due to a google search for equine gasmasks producing an enormous number of photos of horses wearing a very large variety of gasmask and the fact that a domestic horse will have equipment on its face/head as a basic element of being kept by humans; the most basic of training is to wear a halter and be led with it.
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