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01:51:52 AM Jun 9th 2015
edited by GastonRabbit
I'm not a linguist, but wouldn't the relationship between MSA and various Arabic dialects be more similar to the relationship between Standard German and various German dialects, as opposed to anything related to Latin and the Romance languages?
07:35:02 AM Apr 9th 2015
Question : How on Earth does someone call those poor excuses of a language "variations of Arabic" ? What most , if not all , people here recognize is that these dialects are degenerate forms of the original Arabic - which had much nearly countable differences between dialects and accents - that no self respecting person would speak in if it's something official .

So no , Arabic is one and it's the one of Quran along with old poetry you'd find . And adding words to the vocabulary doesn't make it another language .
08:24:04 AM Apr 9th 2015
Um, this discussion page is not for commentary on its subject. Please?
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