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07:28:36 AM Nov 8th 2017
I honestly REALLY doubt that the film qualifies as Dawson Casting considering how the average age for a grad school is actually 33 and keep in mind it takes FOREVER to get into one especially in medical school. To be fair I'm having a hard time finding the average age of the early 80's. However, it's still likely that this is a Reality Is Unrealistic and even if it wasn't it's not like the "How are you doing fellow kids?" meme.
10:14:11 AM Nov 8th 2017
The average age to enter med school right now is 24. Medical school in the US usually takes four years of what you'd call "schooling."

It's not impossible, but certainly unlikely for two 31 year med students.
05:45:56 AM Feb 26th 2018
Fair enough although, again it's hard to track down the average age in 1985
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