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08:01:57 AM Aug 6th 2013
There does seem to be a dispute about the Hey, It's That Voice! examples going on here.

Personally, the removed examples seem to be in line with other examples for this item.
08:06:40 AM Aug 6th 2013
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Quoted from the Hey, It's That Voice! article:

"And please remember that this is for instances where a voice actor's voice is recognizable, not their resumes."

What's described in the HITV article is that moment when you hear a character speak and you think "hey, it's that voice!" because they sound like another character you've heard, whether or not you're familiar with the actor or their body of work.

TVTropes is not IMDb; the voice actors for each character are already listed on the character pages, and if people are curious about what else they've played, there are creator pages, IMDb, and Google to provide more information. HITV is not intended to be used as a means of listing the voice actors' other notable roles - although it does seem to be subject to a lot of Trope Decay in that direction, until such time as the trope itself is redefined, I think we should be going with the intent described in the article.
10:32:13 AM Aug 6th 2013
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Can I at least do it like this:

Laura Bailey is "Marth" (or rather Lucina).
11:00:08 AM Aug 6th 2013
Why, though? Again, that's information that's already on the character sheet. There's no need to use HITV for the purpose of just copying the game's cast list onto the trivia page, and it's still not in line with what's described in the HITV article, since like most voice actors Laura Bailey uses different voices in different roles.

If someone were to play FE:A after playing Persona 4, for example, they wouldn't be very likely to recognize Bailey as the voice of Rise based on her voicework for "Marth." There are a few voice actors whose voices are distinctive enough that they automatically count as examples of HITV, but for the majority that won't be the case.
11:07:00 AM Aug 6th 2013
It's in case someone doesn't bother to look through the characters page. I'm just stating the voice actors, not listing their other roles.
11:37:41 AM Aug 6th 2013
Providing a comprehensive cast list is not the purpose of HITV, the trivia page, or really TV Tropes in general. If someone is curious about who played a given character, the character sheet is the reasonable place to look for that information.
01:44:09 PM Aug 6th 2013
Can I at least provide SOME examples of Hey Its That Voice like: "Stephanie Sheh is Tharja and Kjelle" or "Matthew Mercer is Chrom"?
01:53:18 PM Aug 6th 2013
I don't have any objection to specific examples if they actually fit the trope that's being used.

"Stephanie Sheh is Tharja and Kjelle" or "Matthew Mercer is Chrom" don't work, because as in the Laura Bailey example, those voice actors use different voices for different characters - Tharja and Kjelle don't sound very much alike, for instance.

On the other hand, out of the voice actors with other roles I'm familiar with, I do see a reasonably good example in Liam O'Brien's voicework for Inigo, which sounds a lot like the voice he uses as Ingway in Odin Sphere.

My objection isn't to specific examples, it's to having a wall of text in the Trivia page that misuses HITV as a cast list when that's not the intent described in the HITV article in the first place.
02:14:47 PM Aug 6th 2013
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Or it could be like:

05:14:53 PM Aug 6th 2013
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The first bullet point there still doesn't fit, unless there's another character she's played who sounds like Tharja. In which case, name them, but don't just name all the major roles she's played regardless of whether or not they sound anything alike.

I'm not familiar with Sheh's voice work for Hinata, so I have no way to know if Kjelle sounds anything like her or not. If they sound recognizably the same, sure. If you're only adding them on the basis of being played by the same actress, no.

The litmus test is the "hey, I know that voice!" moment. If you wouldn't have known it was the same person without looking them up, it doesn't belong in HITV, and shouldn't be shoehorned in for the sake of providing a cast list. Not every character/voice actor will or should have examples, because not every voice actor is all that distinctive.
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