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02:42:19 PM Jan 31st 2011
Leaving this here until I get to putting it on Ho Yay Shipping

  • Ho Yay.: Just watch the "But Mr. Adams" sequence.
    • Especially the staircase scene.
    • This troper found "Molasses to Rum" particularly slashy in a Foe Yay sort of way.
      • Maybe because Rutledge is crazy hot? Those stockings, wow...
      • Adams and Dickinson have a pretty great Foe Yay dynamic going on, too.
    • The bit right after "Is Anybody There?"
    • The dynamic between Dickinson and Wilson is pretty slashy throughout (they arrive and leave in the same carriage, for one thing, with Dickinson's arm practically around Wilson's shoulders as they depart after "Cool, Considerate Men"), but when Wilson finally defies Dickinson in voting for independence, they have what amounts to a breakup conversation complete with drawn-out soulful glances, heartbroken expressions, and much use of each other's first names.
    • Charles Thomson, the Congressional secretary, reads the final dispatch from General Washington before the battle of New York like one might read a dear friend's last wishes, and he admits privately to Adams that he feels like the general is "writing to [him]".