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11:07:57 AM Apr 8th 2010
edited by SomeSortOfTroper

The thing is that the discussion page says that Martin Guerre as the version where the person wasn't dead was actually merged into this. Which should have several results:

  • Martin Guerre's non-dead (normally MIA) examples would be transferred to this page.
  • The description would at least note the possiblity of the guy not being dead especially since this in fact exists.
  • The name remains a redirect.

Now the confusing thing is I can't check the discussion to correctly interpret "didn't kill"- they didn't die or they weren't murdered? Were the non-murdered examples considered? Considering the number of people who have actually used Martin Guerre's story as an inspiration isn't that a trope too anyway?
04:43:58 PM Apr 8th 2010
This redirect should not be cut. Redirects are primarily for ease of searching, and Martin Guerre is a searchable redirect.
05:11:27 PM Apr 8th 2010
I don't really see how, as Martin Guerre isn't an example of this trope. It's difficult to envision a situation where someone would use his name to try and search for it.

The original Martin Guerre page referring to a version of this trope where the person wasn't dead does make a lot of sense- but at the same time it becomes completely illogical since the title Dead Person Impersonation implies that, well, the person being impersonated is dead (I really hope no one's going to dispute this). I'm puzzled why a merge was considered the correct source of action here, as a rename would have made more sense.

In lieu of the fact that we can't unspill milk, I could take the examples here that are not about dead people, put up a YKTTW, and then redirect Martin Guerre to this new trope, assuming it's not simply called Martin Guerre. Sound like a plan?
02:16:39 AM Apr 9th 2010
Well in the Martin Guerre case, wasn't the fact that he wasn't dead The Reveal? It's the same until the third act. The plan relied on the idea that the person wasn't coming back. There's also the fact that the story forms the basis for further use and awareness of the trope.
02:47:22 PM Apr 9th 2010
Until I read that I didn't realize that Martin Guerre was also the name of a stage musical. That kind of renders the whole thing a moot point anyway- the work title gets priority over a redirect in any case. I'll just make a skeleton page and call it a day. Hopefully someone will come along at some point that knows more about its tropes than me.
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