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04:30:34 AM Jan 1st 2011
Where is this? Is it a written story, a show or what? Can it still be found?
06:35:16 PM Aug 4th 2011
11:15:07 PM Jun 8th 2012
Given how awesome it sounds, I would have to make it. I mean, I may not be 13 years old. Or a girl. Or read a lot of fan-fiction. Or a lot of stuff that would make me decent at writing something so adorably-awesome as this work seems. But that's beside the point.
06:22:38 PM Jul 28th 2012
edited by lee4hmz
Yeah, the parallels between this and Fi M are pretty uncanny. Christina and her friend are pretty much Twilight Sparkle and Spike, and the story of MLRPPMS's development given in the main page is pretty similar to what Lauren Faust had in mind for Fi M. And S Vn sounds a lot like The Hub, if you think about it, particularly the "family-friendly without being cloying" angle.

Then again, if this article was written after September 2010, then I'm na´ve and it's a straight parody rather than a coincidence. The history stops in mid-2011, so I have no way of telling.
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