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Okay, well, here goes. I'm Lee, a nerd-of-many-trades from Virginia who watches (or, at least, used to watch) too much TV. I found TV Tropes by way of 4chan, either /tv/ or /co/ (I can't remember which now).

    Gushing About Shows I Like 
Shows and games I unabashedly love:

Stuff I still like, but haven't paid much attention to recently:

Shows I'll watch if I see them on:
  • True-crime investigation shows (Forensic Files, Cold Case Files, American Greed, etc.)
  • Most sports (I actually don't mind a good game now and then)

Shows and games I wasn't impressed with:
  • Deadly Towers. Yes, I actually had this game when it was new, and it was the most infuriating game I ever played. I don't think either me or any of my brothers got past the first level.
  • Final Fantasy VII. Still a good game, but not nearly as satisfying as VI was.
  • Law & Order: SVU of late. It's just plain gotten weird, and there seems to be some Flanderization going on (Stabler is more of a Jerkass than ever). I stopped watching it not long after I first wrote this page, actually.

Things that made me fall in love with TV Tropes:
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?. The Mouse and His Child. My favorite piece of obscure, ponderous 1970s Nightmare Fuel, and you guys knew about it without me mentioning it first. (The movie is so obscure that for years, me and my next-younger brother seemed to be the only people who'd ever seen it; I actually created the IMDb entry for it back in 1997!) This made my day when I first saw it.
  • You love Watership Down, too, which also made me incredibly happy.
  • Sugar Wiki. An entire namespace devoted to happy, cuddly stuff. Being a hopeless romantic and an unrepentant snugglebug, well, you can guess my reaction. :3
  • There's several tropers whose names belong here, as well.

Tropes that apply to myself (or used to, anyway):
  • Apologises a Lot (this has been a huge drag on my self-esteem over the years, it turns out)
  • Big Eater (if I don't forget about it anyway)
    • This has changed recently, and as of mid-May 2011 I've lost 50 pounds since January.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer (I'm a software engineer, so this kind of comes with the territory)
  • Can Not Spit It Out (I have a problem with keeping disturbing thoughts to myself, even if I really should be talking about them)
  • Cloudcuckoolander ("Mildly" is putting it mildly. I've actually had severe problems with relationships due to slipping into dreamland too often, and I'm only now realizing the extent of the collateral damage. :P)
  • Genius Ditz (Secondary to my Cloudcuckoolander tendencies, really.)
  • Gentle Giant
  • I Hate Past Me (It kind of shows, doesn't it? I remember writing a timeline of my life when I was 18 or 19, and making my high-school crushes the central topics. At a time when I didn't have any close friends, much less dating opportunities, I was stuck obsessing about women who simply didn't like me. I still want to smack past-me for that. :P)
  • Moeblob (Often to nausea-inducing levels. I'm older than I look, I almost never refuse hugs, and even when I'm upset about something I'm apparently pretty endearing. People have even said my sex lifewhat little I have, anyway — is adorable.)

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  • Lee is from Virginia. Lizard Bite wholeheartedly supports his fellow Virginian
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  • Hello! Just dropping by. You seem to have impeccable taste in games and I always enjoy reading your posts.—Longfellow
  • Every time I see Lee post I just want to hug him and snuggle him and who knows what else. —Stark Maximum
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