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03:31:16 AM Mar 5th 2012
Anyone get the feeling that thanks to the efforts to really mock the death of Charlie Harper as a take that against the actor when they killed it off actually gives a WIN to Charlie Sheen? Think about it, they depict pretty much everyone being certain that Rose murdered Charlie, and they're pretty much totally unconcerned about it and thinking what they can get out of it for themselves.

Meanwhile Charlie for all his faults is shown having endured years of his brother and nephew mooching off of him easily tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars along with the abuse from his mother and generally being used by everyone else. So the only one who's actually shown who cared about anyone else is CHARLIE! The rest are all shown to be self-absorbed monsters who truly didn't care if he lived or died beyond what they could make off of it. Anyone bothering to think about it even a little would have to be just disgusted by the show and unable to see it as a comedy after that kind of revelation.
05:24:55 AM Oct 31st 2012
Wow, that's a horrible way to think about it. I like it. Though Jake was a lot nicer as a kid, he ended up a stuck up teenager sadly. I'm guessing it's because his parents really didn't bother with him as he grew up, Charlie was a better father figure then Alan was half of the time.
03:40:07 PM Oct 2nd 2011
does anyone think it will get another season after this one? without sheen i think it will tank like an Abrams, and will not get a second season without him.
05:09:17 PM Oct 30th 2011
It's widely accepted that this is the show's final season, everyone knew that even before Kutcher was cast. However, when it fails, 99% of the blame should be placed on the writing. If they had handled all the changes with the show's trademark wit, it could at least go out with a bang. I have yet to name one quality moment of the new season. A lot of people blame Kutcher. He's just reading the lines given to him, he's a fine actor, but the character is flat and the plots suck.

To answer your question, at this point, unless they bring Charlie back and somehow manage to erase every episode of the season thusfar, the show's cooked.
03:33:51 AM Mar 5th 2012
I have no doubt that the show won't survive another season unless the network decides to hemorrhage money just to try and 'prove' they could keep the show going without Sheen. By showing their hate for the actor by having everyone on the show revealed as having never cared about him at all and truly having just been using him it destroys all the elements the show needs to survive. So unless they pull a Dallas to bring Sheen back the show's toast.
08:59:12 AM Jul 4th 2011
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Regarding the whole Charlie Sheen incident, Do you think they should cancel Two and a Half Men outright since I doubt many people will accept Ashton Kutchner as a substitute?
05:27:59 AM Oct 31st 2012
I think it should be laid to rest, most sitcoms get stale after eight seasons, Two and a Half Men is definitely getting stale, even with Walden.
06:55:31 AM Mar 2nd 2011
An example given of how Judith is a hypocrite:
  • ... Also, once, she berated Alan for spending money on a car instead of child support, even though she spends her alimony checks on things for herself.

I'm not familiar with the show, so I don't know how the incident went down but she's entitled to spend alimony — i.e., "spousal support" — on herself. Child support is what's supposed to be spent on the child. If the editor who added the example meant child support this should be fixed; if it was alimony this isn't hypocritical at all.
07:56:54 AM Sep 23rd 2011
She's intended to ba a Jerkass
11:31:08 AM Jul 24th 2010
I'm finding quite a bit of hate for this show floating around various media. Why is that? I mean, it uses a fair bit of toilet humor, but everyone I know that watches it still thinks it's funny. It's somewhat clever while being dumb enough for a wide general audience to enjoy.

If anything, though, it'd qualify for a Hatedom entry. I've seen at least three jabs at this show in different locations. I know one was in the web-comic bug, and the other may have come from a webcomic as well. I forgot entirely where I ran across the third.
08:23:30 AM Aug 13th 2010
Because it's really just not all that funny.

Mostly it's a case of Hype Backlash since it's incredibly popular and over-exposed despite it being average at best.
07:45:27 AM Sep 13th 2010
That and the cast are full of people that's hard to sympathize and they put Alan in a Meg Griffin situation every episode in the later seasons.
11:29:10 PM Dec 11th 2011
Had they named it "two and a half trolls" I would have understood the whole point of the show. Now it's just insulting me.
01:05:21 PM Apr 24th 2010
Under what trope fits the incredibly creepy grin Rose sports after Charlie tells her that he is going to marry Mia? Slasher Smile?
09:04:22 AM May 18th 2010
A cross between that and a Heroic BSOD. ...
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