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11:55:27 PM Mar 20th 2016
edited by ArcaneAzmadi
I was thinking of adding an entry to One Steve Limit about the absurd number of (completely unrelated) people with the surname "Pritchard" who appeared on the show, except I'm not entirely sure exactly how many there actually were. I know there were the 2 Pritchard brothers Anthony and Michael (and their parents Edward and Liz) from Behemoth, Marlon Pritchard from X-Terminator and Kevin Pritchard from Panic Attack, Ian Pritchard from S3 and the Pritchard family of Ian, Judy and Graham from ICU, but I think there were even more from lesser-well-known teams that I can't quite remember right now. It's quite weird, you wouldn't normally think of "Pritchard" as being a common name, but it was as common as "Smith" during the series. Does anyone know of any others I missed?
12:20:27 AM Mar 21st 2016
Wikia says there was a Nick on team ICU.
07:58:01 AM Mar 13th 2016
It'd be a fairly mammoth task, but is anyone else up for attempting to start a Recap page?
01:31:44 PM Mar 13th 2016
It's easy enough to copy off the Robot Wars wikia for bare bones summaries but sure. Thankfully Youtube is good for finding episodes when we need details or trope examples.
09:23:18 AM Mar 14th 2016
Please do not copy text over, though.
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