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08:36:33 AM Aug 10th 2011
That bit about "Kate the Kitchen Maid" under Canon Foreigner fascinates me. Seems we may have sold the S3 writers short in some respects...
02:06:12 AM Aug 19th 2011
From what I can make out, the character referenced is from this children's book by Antonia Fraser, which is not out of any of the legends but a (relatively) contemporary novel (published in 1955). So...I think it's probably a coincidence - though a rather amazing one, considering this description of the Kate character: "Kate the Kitchen Maid is prone to shrieking for help and is described as a "foolish wench" and a "brainless fool". Kate only comes to trust the outlaws when she realizes "how good-looking all the robbers were".
11:57:58 AM Jun 16th 2011
Do we have a source for the outlaw tags being defictionalised? I've never seen them for sale or heard of them anywhere or found them on any websites.
02:15:47 AM Aug 19th 2011
I'm sure at some point that you could buy replicas of the outlaw tags, as well as some of Marian's jewellery. However, since I haven't been able to refind the site in which they are (or were) for sale, it's probably best that the entry be deleted.
02:20:16 PM May 30th 2011
I like the new picture (though I'll miss that stupid lion). When I saw your suggestion to chose a new picture I was going to recommend that EXACT one!
03:16:45 PM May 29th 2011
edited by cyberlieutenant
Have made a few alterations to the introduction in the interests of being objective.

I think a new image might also be a good idea. I realise the crack is a well-remembered part of the show, but I think as it is the image does give the impression that the show is like that all the time, whereas the lion is arguably egregious. I can't think of any other entry for a TV show on this site where the introductory image isn't a cast shot or picture of the logo, and is instead something having a go at the show.

And as a side note, I think Minghella's bit on his website about the show is interesting: http://www.minghella.com/robin-hood-series/
07:53:03 PM May 29th 2011
"It wasn’t all roses of course. I gather I am the target of some abuse from Robin Hood fans for messing unduly with their legend. Indulging in too much anachronism. Or killing Marian in episode 26. And the BBC, I am sure, would have liked me to have ‘gone further’. You can’t please everybody, especially on the budgets I had (which, contrary to some reports, were tight – much less, for example, than Doctor Who)."

Huh. That is interesting. And kinda weird. I wonder what he means by "gone further." As in, stayed on as a writer?

07:36:07 AM May 30th 2011
I find the "gone further" bit interesting too. I had assumed it wasn't his choice to leave, from the way he seemingly just disappeared without mention, but the "stayed on as a writer" interpretation puts that in a new light.

The note about budgets and not pleasing everyone immediately after "gone further" makes me think the BBC were never particularly taken with the show, maybe. If so, that's a shame.
02:31:49 PM May 30th 2011
edited by Ravenya003
Also, is he inferring that Marian, Will and Djaq's departure was the result of a budget cut? Because getting rid of them only to introduce five new characters (who were considerably bigger names than Harry, Lucy and Anjali) seemed a little counter-productive to the budget. Not that he was involved with S3, but it always seemed to me that the third season had more money to spend. All very strange...

"I gather I am the target of some abuse from Robin Hood fans for messing unduly with their legend...for killing Marian in episode 26."

This made me Face Palm though. He killed off a beloved central character in a particularly brutal, pointless and misogynistic way and admitted that it was "unduly". What did he expect? Applause?
10:02:29 AM Jun 6th 2011
I suspect he may have meant "unduly" sarcastically.

To be fair to him, he doesn't say he thinks the fans were wrong to react in such a way, just that it was an example of things going well. I think. The entire page is worded so ambigously I really can't tell what he's saying.

I like that he mentioned Andy Price, though, since I do think the soundtrack is one of the show's consistent high points.
02:54:09 AM Jun 8th 2011
The soundtrack was fantastic, especially Marian's theme.
08:25:11 AM Mar 12th 2011
Felt my reasoning for deleting the part of Just Eat Gilligan relating to Kate was a bit brief, so to clarify; the trope states that by doing one simple thing the protagonists could solve all their problems (in the Trope Namer's case, getting off the island). Whilst we as viewers would certainly enjoy the show more if the outlaws ditched Kate, the answer to the question "Why don't the outlaws just get rid of Kate?" isn't "because then there'd be no show". There still would be a show, and it'd be better, which is why I thought that came under Complaining About Shows You Don't Like.
10:25:48 AM Jan 16th 2011
Could we perhaps consider a new page quote that doesn't call the show "shit"?
11:00:58 PM Feb 3rd 2011
Well, I wouldn't keep editing these pages if I thought that the show was really shit, but I still do like that quote! The Dead Ringers skit is an affectionate parody of the show, and the show itself WAS pretty weird at times.

Plus, the whole "given it a pithy 20th century makeover" pretty much sums up the entire show in a nutshell.
08:34:09 AM Feb 6th 2011
I'm not suggesting that anyone really intended to brand the show shit. Given that a reference to So Bad, It's Good referencing the page quote was moved to YMMV...

(I would question how affectionate you can be when branding something "shit", even when meant in jest.)
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