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Covienience link to the: WMG entry!
Fast Eddie: No spoiler font in the main article, please.

Anthony Alexander: Eh? Why not? They are....spoilers! Besides, the show is not yet over in America.
Anthony Alexander: I would like to mention the two Irish brothers as being Cain and Abel, but I can't recall their names. Anyone?

Nix: Finn and Tiernan. Finn was the elder one.
Gemmifer: While entertaining, this summary sounds as if someone has a big ax to grind.

Scarab: Yeah I know we're not exactly unbiased around here, but isn't there something to be said for not Complaining About Shows You Hate? I vote for a minor rewrite.

Nix: I've calmed down the summary a bit; though it's difficult to discuss Marian's death without it naturally sounding negative given the circumstances of that particular creative decision. However, I do think that it should remain as part of the summary, considering that's what the show will likely be remembered for.