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03:17:11 PM Dec 28th 2011
  • Mixed Marriage: Paul's black girlfriend, whom he was just using to show off how subversive he is.
    • In "Hands and Knees", it's revealed that Lane Pryce has been dating a black girl from the Playboy Club. Surprisingly enough, they seem to be very fond of each other.

The trope is now known as Maligned Mixed Marriage. Was the couple's interrracial relationship looked down upon in-universe?
10:38:18 PM Sep 15th 2010
Is Roger a Ted Baxter? He's pretty arrogant, born into his position, his relationship with Lucky Strike appears to be his only asset to the company, and his secret autobiography doesn't help.
08:05:00 PM Sep 28th 2010
I think I'd concur. He does have an overinflated opinion of himself and his position in the company. Yes, his name's on the door, but he inherited it. Plus, he gets hit with Break the Haughty, which tends to happen to a Ted Baxter.
09:35:22 AM Aug 4th 2010
Does "All Women Are Prudes" really fit? The description admits that it doesn't fit Joan or Betty, but I would also argue that it doesn't really fit Peggy, even in the first season.
05:08:34 PM Oct 24th 2010
Yeah, I'm going to remove that. Peggy goes on the pill in the pilot, and I'm pretty sure the majority of women with speaking roles sleep with Don at some point.
05:46:29 PM Jul 10th 2010
Will a character sheet be made for Mad Men soon?
08:48:29 PM Jul 10th 2010
If you think the show needs one, feel free to make one yourself.
10:22:14 PM Jul 12th 2010
Yeah, I should huh? It'll give me a good excuse to go back and re-watch the 3 seasons.
03:15:21 PM Aug 25th 2010
Yeah, this is the sort of show that really needs a character sheet just to keep track of all the main characters. It'd probably help clean up the main page a bit too, which is getting kind of trope overdosed.
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