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12:52:44 PM Oct 21st 2012
Point of intrigue: Obviously based around Arthurian legend the title is supposed to resemble Camelot (France is a great place for Arthurian legend btw) yet all English speakers I know of would say it's title came-a-lot (possibly with added French accent). Is it meant to be like that?
07:11:09 PM Oct 21st 2012
The French pronounciation of Kaamelott, in the show or out of it, is absolutely identical to the term "Camelot" in French. The difference in spelling is just to give it an antiquated look, not to mean any difference of pronounciation.
06:47:18 PM Aug 10th 2012
Let's talk about the format of the show.

1. It has never been a dramatic half hour, yet whenever I remove it from the format thingy, someone puts it back.

2. two shorts kinda applies to Books I-IV due to the show having been broadcast two short episodes at a time, but that's not really valid. T He "proper" format would be the "shortcom" which afaik, exists only in French speaking places, and would also apply to Series.Camera Cafe. see : andégorie:Shortcom

07:00:42 PM Aug 10th 2012
edited by StFan
1) Are you sure it never was a dramatic half-hour? The compiled episodes before Livre VI seems to be of that format to me.

Edit: My bad, Wikipedia confirm the "director cuts" of Livre V to be 52 min. I thought the duration change was more gradual.

2) Yes, two shorts may not be the perfectly exact format, but it's the closest that can be found on TV tropes. If a shortcom page is created to describe the format, then it can be changed.
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