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03:38:16 PM Nov 16th 2014
  • Spoiled Sweet: Gladys, who is also Non-Idle Rich after declining an office job at Victory Munitions to work on the floor with the other girls.

Spoiled Sweet is now in TRS and we are trying to clean-up the trope. Characters who fit this trope must be optimistic, sheltered, naive, from sheldered gackground and be genuinely nice to other people who are less popular and less priviledged than her. If Gladys fits, please move her back on the main page, but improve the example context. Thanks.
11:50:56 PM Mar 31st 2013
When exactly did Gladys deduce Betty is a lesbian? I can't remember when/if any moment stood out that signified that.
04:06:42 AM Jun 9th 2013
I've been wondering that myself. How does Gladys know?
12:25:00 AM Mar 30th 2014
It looks like Word of God is that as of 1943, Gladys *is* aware of Betty's orientation and is not concerned about it.