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07:14:12 AM Dec 7th 2016
Re cut request: Seems like the website is still accessible in archive form. Please check if anything can be salvaged from there. Thanks!
07:38:42 AM Dec 7th 2016
I'm not the one who made the cut request but... why? It's a stub, probably wouldn't pass P5, and there are (and I'm being very generous) two examples that are not a ZCE. No one's edited the page in four years. This seems like the kind of thing we should just let die.
06:41:19 PM Dec 7th 2016
"A dead game" referred to it being closed, not the website being down; but the reason it was cutlisted was that the actual roleplay isn't publicly viewable and never has been. It's been friends-locked (i.e. only members of the community can view posts) since its inception.

I can't say whether it would pass P5 or not- while I used to be really active in LJ/DWRP, I was never part of Amat, so don't have access to the posts. From hearsay, the plot and/or slice-of-life to porn ratio would have passed muster; the "aging up" of underage characters for sex might not have. Either way is a moot point since no one can see it...
10:29:01 AM Dec 29th 2016
So... yeah. I just commented out the ZCEs. Can we just cut this?
10:33:11 PM Dec 29th 2016
I doubt anyone's coming around to fill out the page, since it was sitting like that for years, the game is closed now, and the main social hubs for DWRP don't seem to have an especially complimentary view of TV Tropes anymore.
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