[[http://amatomnes.dreamwidth.org/profile Here.]] Note that entries are friends-locked, meaning you have to be a member to see them. Probably not the first sex-based game on LJ, but probably the biggest one and the most infamous.

!! This game provides examples of:
%%* BroughtDownToNormal: The other important side effect of the collar.
%%* JerkassGods: See what Mythology they are based on.
%%* MateOrDie: One of the major sources of drama surrounding the game, at least when it started.
%%* PlotRelevantAgeUp: Another major source of drama, and let's leave it at that.
* STDImmunity: The setting ''does'' have [=STDs=], but the game notes say that due to the nature of the setting the resident [=NPCs=] have researched [=STDs=] enough that they're all curable and avoidable. Pregnancy is possible in the game however.