Recap Star Trek The Next Generation S 2 E 10 The Dauphin Discussion

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09:41:42 PM Sep 5th 2013
I don't know about the rest of you, gentlemen, but I think we need to do something about the state of this article. This Hello999 is a loose cannon, people. I mean, for God's sake, the snark is at caustic levels here! Sure, this article recounts the plot of the episode, but it was obviously written with a burning hatred of Wesley Crusher. Understandable, perhaps, but I, for one, feel should be the duty of these articles to remain objective. Failing that, they should at least be informative, and Hello hasn't listed a single trope! This has to be corrected!
09:05:04 PM Nov 14th 2017
This was written over 4 years ago. Nothing has been done. I frankly have to concur that SOMETHING needs to be done because as far as recaps go this is frankly absurd.
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