Recap My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 1 E 16 Sonic Rainboom Discussion

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03:12:58 AM Oct 30th 2012
I'm not sure what's the right trope for that but if an outsider looks at the situation more in detail, he might notice some fishy things... might even say that the winner of the competition was predetermined and everything was rigged:

  • The "strange new pony" in Cloudsdale was never seen before. She joins the competition late and is not even a real pegasus - the wings are a result of magic - done by Twilight who obviously is a teacher's pet.
  • Rainbow is a friend of Twilight and Celestia owes him (and the rest of the group) because of the whole "Nightmare Moon" thing. So she may have agreed to play her part.
  • Also note that the whole group is present - using another magic spell.
  • Rainbow and Rarity are the only ponies who are "on stage" at the same time. They are also the last to show up so that no later competitor can one-up them. This is caused by the unexpected new entry and a lot of delaying on Rainbow's part. You might also call this "manipulation".
  • When falling, Rarity knocks out the three pegasi trying to rescue her - so that only Rainbow Dash can rescue her. PLUS: It gives Rainbow three additional ponies to rescue, thus making it much more memorable (and a better pseudo-reason to give her first place).
  • Celestia doesn't act in any way to help the falling ponies - as the whole plan is to let Rainbow show off.
  • Same for Twilight. She was able to levitate the Ursa Minor (and that story should have reached Cloadsdale) but doesn't stop Rarity. Again: Rainbow needs the spotlight.
  • Rainbow saves the Sonic Rainboom for the rescue. She was able to do it years ago and all her "I can't do this" was merely teasing the crowd as to make it more memorable.

So maybe Gabby Gums might want to follow up on that..
07:25:40 AM Oct 30th 2012
...Take off the tinfoil hat, pal.
07:37:33 AM Oct 30th 2012
If you want, stick in a WMG.
12:34:26 PM Oct 9th 2012
Removed for not being the trope:
  • Celestia on Her Throne: Heroic example. For all her power, Celestia does nothing while Rarity and three of the best Wonderbolts fall to their deaths.
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